The Traditions of International Mother’s Day

The traditions of International Mother’s Day are a fascinating part of the day’s origin and history. If you are interested in how this holiday originated, here are some of the traditions and songs that have become associated with it. Whether you celebrate the day with your mom, or celebrate it in a different way, there … Read more

Why Celebrate International Mother’s Day?

If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate international Mother’s Day, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll discover why this special day is celebrated in over 50 countries worldwide, and how it’s impacted feminist movements. We’ll explore its origins in North America and the impact it has had on the cause of women’s … Read more

Mother’s Day Guides

Whether you want to surprise your mom with a special gift or you’re stuck deciding what to buy her, there are many Mother’s Day gift guides on the web. The Cosmopolitan brand has three Mother’s Day gift guides, POPSUGAR capitalized on the flower trend, and TODAY published a series of gift guides for different mother … Read more

Mother’s Day Guide

A pandemic vaccination rate may allow more people to enjoy a Mother’s Day celebration this year. Whether you’re celebrating your mother’s birthday or celebrating your own, we’ve got some gift ideas for her in this Mother’s Day guide. First, watch “Limbo,” a wry Scottish comedy about a Syrian refugee on an Outer Hebrides island. The … Read more

9 Ways to Celebrate Mothers at Work

If you are an employer, celebrating mothers at work is an essential part of your culture. Research shows that employees who receive appreciation and recognition are more satisfied with their jobs and more productive. Furthermore, workplaces that celebrate mothers foster a safe environment for their employees. As a group, mothers comprise a diverse population, representing … Read more

Music For Mother’s Day

The music you listen to on Mother’s Day will be unique to each mom, but there are a few universal themes. For example, romantic love is the central theme of many relationship songs, with the performers singing to their true loves. Children often look up to their mothers for guidance and inspiration, and music can … Read more

The Value of Mother’s Love

What is the value of a mother’s love? Many people wonder this. Sadly, the dangers of mother-infant bonding have caused many to question this important relationship. Here are some ways in which a mother’s love can be helpful to a child. Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to share this article with others! … Read more

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

Are you looking for Mother’s Day celebration ideas? Are you a mother, a grandmother, or both? These are great ways to honor your mother this year. You can plan a spa day for her, host a book club, or even a picnic. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to make your mom feel special. Here are … Read more