The Traditions of International Mother’s Day

The traditions of International Mother’s Day are a fascinating part of the day’s origin and history. If you are interested in how this holiday originated, here are some of the traditions and songs that have become associated with it.

Whether you celebrate the day with your mom, or celebrate it in a different way, there is something for everyone. This article will provide you with a few ideas for a memorable day. We’ll discuss the origin of the day, the Days it’s celebrated, and even the music that has become synonymous with the occasion.


In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is celebrated by preparing a three-day feast called Antrosht. Children take ingredients for the traditional hash recipe and bring it to their mothers to celebrate the day. Then they anoint the mother with butter and perform other rituals.

The mother-child bond is emphasized through singing and dancing. It is a time to celebrate family and honor the mother and grandmother who raised them.

Early Christians began honoring their mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent, as did the ancient Greeks. The day was first celebrated as Mothering Sunday, when the faithful gathered in the mother church to honor the mother of Christ.

As time passed, this practice changed into a secular holiday. Children would bring gifts to their mothers on Mothering Sunday. In the twentieth century, Mothering Sunday was replaced by International Mother’s Day.

In Japan, children present their mothers with white carnations to show their gratitude. These blooms symbolize the purity of love and the eternal nature of motherhood.

In Serbia, children also give their mothers with gratitude notes. In Egypt, the tradition began during the reign of Mostafa and Ali Amin.

These traditions are continued in today’s society. The significance of motherhood cannot be underestimated. So, take some time to learn about some of the traditions of international Mother’s Day.


Historically, the concept of Mother’s Day is quite ancient. Its roots date back to the Ancient Greeks, who celebrated the goddess Rhea, a woman associated with the Greek god Cybele. The celebration has since become a part of the Christian calendar and is now celebrated in more than 152 countries around the world.

It originated as Mothering Sunday, which is the fourth Sunday in Lent, which was a time for returning to the church, the mother of all life. In the United Kingdom, children would bring flowers to their mothers and a special meal for mothers.

Later, the holiday evolved into an annual event.

Although the origins of Mother’s Day are mostly modern, many ancient traditions are also connected to it. In ancient Egypt, a festival was held to honor the goddess Isis, who represented the perfect mother and wife.

In ancient Greece, a festival was also held to honor the mother of all gods, Rhea, where people offered food and flowers to the goddess. The event eventually became celebrated on the second Sunday in May in Greece and Cyprus.

In the United States, motherhood and peace were important issues to women in pre-Christian and Christian societies. The abolitionist and suffragette Julia Ward Howe wrote the first Mother’s Day Proclamation and campaigned to create a Mother’s Day dedicated to peace.

Ultimately, the holiday was born as a secular event that has grown into a global celebration. It was not until World War I, however, that Mother’s Day became a popular and widely celebrated holiday.

Days celebrated

Today we celebrate the importance of mothers and their relationships with their children. Today, we celebrate Mothering Sunday, which is also known as Refreshment Sunday.

On this day, fasting rules are relaxed and women are encouraged to prepare a traditional cake, known as Simnel cake, with 11 balls of marzipan icing in the shape of the 11 disciples. Sugar violets are also added to the cake on this day. International Mother’s Day was first celebrated in honor of activist Julia Ward Howe, who organized the first formal national observance during the Civil War and appealed for peace and respect for women.

However, her efforts were not recognized during her lifetime, although she was honored posthumously in 1988 for her contributions to the cause of women’s rights.

International Mother’s Day is widely celebrated. Several countries celebrate the day differently. In the United States, the day falls on the second Sunday in May. In some countries, the government does not recognize the holiday, so it is not widely celebrated.

In South Africa, the day is not recognized as a public holiday. However, the youth front of the FET y de las JONS party promotes the day as a national holiday.

In Iran, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates. The Islamic Republic of Iran has replaced this day with Fatima Zahar’s (sic) birthday.

For other countries, this holiday has more religious significance. In the United States, the day commemorates motherhood. However, some countries have adapted the US holiday traditions for cultural reasons. This makes the day special for everyone. There are many ways to honor your mother.


If you are a mother and you’re looking for a special song to play for her on the international Mother’s Day, try these selections. A good country song will bring back memories of your own mother, and a Phil Collins’ Tarzan tune may give you tears of joy.

No matter what your feelings, your mother deserves a little reminder of your love on this special day. Jason Mraz’s cheerful folk song is a great way to show your mom how much you appreciate her. Another 1970s soul band, The Intruders, has a wonderful upbeat track to thank her.

There are also romantic love songs. The most heartfelt lyrics are often from performers singing to their true loves. Most moms are also very supportive of their children, and all kids compare themselves to their mothers.

For instance, Ciara’s “Future” is a great tribute to her own mother, and the song was featured in a video announcing her pregnancy. A mother’s love never fails to inspire her children.

“The Mother” is another great choice. The song by Brandi Carlile, on her 2017 album, pays homage to all the things a mother does for her child. This song is especially meaningful to new moms, because it focuses on the relationship between mother and child.

Despite the sad premise of the song, the lyrics are touching and relatable. So many singers have songs dedicated to mothers. So what are you waiting for? Get started on a new playlist today!

Restaurants that offer special menus on mother’s day

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To make it even more special, you can have the menu delivered to your door. A Mother’s Day brunch at Blu Pointe may be the perfect way to treat your mom.

At Seasons 52, you can order a la carte brunch items or try one of the special Green Boxes for up to six people. To order, you must place your order by May 2 to pick up your order on Mother’s Day.

The menu features spring favorites including entrees, desserts, and beverages. You can also reserve a table at a local location, or even order online for delivery.

For a fine dining experience, consider one of the many restaurants that offer special menus on Mother’s Day. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse is one of the best options, with its three-course Mother’s Day menu featuring a smoked filet mignon, crab-stuffed shrimp, and lobster tail.

Many of these restaurants will offer a $20 bonus gift card for dining with mom. You can even score a bonus gift card at Chili’s or Cheesecake Factory if you buy her a $50 gift card.


The origins of Mother’s Day date back thousands of years. It began as a fertility festival in ancient Egypt, where a festival was held in honor of Isis, the goddess of motherhood and wifehood.

Later, the festival evolved into a celebration honoring mothers, often accompanied by offerings of honey cakes, flowers, and costly drinks. Today, Mother’s Day is a worldwide holiday.

The origins of Mother’s Day can be traced to the United States, where it is celebrated on December 8. Many countries adopted the US holiday, which honors the Virgin Mary, as its patron saint.

Mother’s Day dates differ, however, as many countries already celebrate motherhood, and others adopted its features to celebrate their mothers. Here are some of the most popular sources for information about international Mother’s Day:

The U.S. celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. Some countries celebrate it on May 10th. Mothers and children alike stay home on this day, which was originally a symbol of the women’s rights movement.

Some countries also have traditions related to Mother’s Day, such as washing the mother’s feet and participating in competitions. In Malaysia, children often participate in these events, and mothers judge the competitions.

In Ethiopia, the “Antrosht” festival honors mothers, held at the end of the rainy season. Families gather to celebrate with a feast, sing stories about their families, and share traditional meals with their daughters.

For this day, children are expected to bring their mothers meats and fruit to celebrate the day. A traditional celebration in Ethiopia involves a large meal and singing stories about their ancestors.

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